Distinguished Investigators
Hsiu-Ming Shih, Ph.D
Distinguished Investigator/ Director

Shih-Feng Tsai, M.D. Ph. D.
Distinguished Investigator

Jyh-Lyh Juang, Ph. D.
Investigator / Deputy Director

Shiu-Feng Kathy Huang, M.D. Ph. D.

Chiou-Hwa Yuh, Ph. D.

Associate Investigators
YR Chen
Yi-Rong Chen, Ph. D.

Associate Investigator

Yun-Jin Jiang, Ph. D.

Associate Investigator

Hsin-Ling Hsu, Ph. D.

Associate Investigator

Shao-Win Wang, Ph. D.
Associate Investigator
Assistant Investigators

Hong-Hsing Liu, M.D. Ph. D.
Assistant Investigator

Li-Rung Huang, Ph. D.
Assistant Investigator

Mingzi Zhang, Ph. D.
Assistant Investigator

Joint Appointment Investigator
Ann-Shyn Chiang, Ph. D.
Joint Appointment Investigator,NHRI
Academician of Academia Sinica
Tsing Hua Distinguished Chair Professor Dean, College of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University
Ting-Fen Tsai, Ph. D.
Joint Appointment Investigator,NHRI
Dept. of Life Science and Institute of Genomic Sciences
Natioanl Yang-Ming University

Adjunct Appointment Associate Investigator

Ying-Tsong Chen, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Institute of Genomics and  Bioinformatics, College of Life Sciences, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
Joint Associate Investigator, Functional Genomics Group, Institute of Molecular and Genomic Medicine, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan ;
Investigator Emeritus
Lu-Hai Wang, Ph. D.
Chungming Chang, Ph. D.
Hsing-Jien Kung, Ph. D.

Tel: 886-37-246166

Fax: 886-37-586459

 Title  Name Extension  e-mail
Director, Distinguished Investigator Hsiu-Ming Shih 35300
Distinguished Investigator Shih-Feng Tsai  35310
Deputy Director, Investigator Jyh-Lyh Juang  35308
Investigator Shiu-Feng Huang  35315
Investigator Chiou-Hwa Yuh  35338
Associate Investigator Yi-Rong Chen  35311
Associate Investigator Yun-Jin Jiang  35348
Associate Investigator Hsin-Ling Hsu  35329
Associate Investigator Shao-Win Wang  35367
Assistant Investigator Hong-Hsing Liu  35398
Assistant Investigator Li-Rung Huang  35346
Assistant Investigator Mingzi Zhang  35350
Joint Appointment Investigator Ting-Fen Tsai  02-28267293
Joint Appointment Investigator Ann-Shyn Chiang 03-5742760
Adjunct Appointment Assocaite Investigator Ying-Tsong Chen  04-22840338
Investigator Emeritus Chungming Chang 31720
Investigator Emeritus Lu-Hai Wang  35320
Investigator Emeritus Hsing-Jien Kung  35368

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