National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan


Since Taiwan already has the “Human Biodatabase Management Regulations”, it is possible to legally obtain patients’ authorization to use their specimens and medical information as well as to link other domestic databases (broad consent). This law has strict requirements for human biodatabases. Regulatory regulations and commercial benefit feedback clauses can not only provide high-quality medical information and specimens for academic use, but also legally allow industry to submit applications and commercial applications. This is the largest niche of the human biological database, so it is well worth using. The efficiency of its use should be improved to maximize its effectiveness.

Through the establishment of a cooperative relationship through the integration of the human biodatabase, a consistent quality standard and clinical data content can be set, and a large and comprehensive human biodatabase network can be quickly established to promote the development of biomedicine in Taiwan The needs of the technology industry.


This plan will greatly help the operation of the existing human biological database in Taiwan, as well as the management of the remaining human samples for research.

The goal is to make this human biodatabase cooperative alliance an important biomedical research resource in Taiwan, which will greatly help the innovation of my country’s biomedical industry and the development of medical and health undertakings.

Once a good big data database is established, it will have good business opportunities and academic value, which will attract the interest of foreign research institutions or industry, and help to establish cooperative relations with international academic institutions or biotechnology industries.

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