Smart Healthcare for Obesity Therapeutics- Establishment of Obesity Multi-omic Database

The prevalence of obesity has become an epidemic disease in developed and developing countries. Having excess body weight is not just a cosmetic issue; it is tightly associated with increased risk of many serious metabolic diseases, heart disease and specific cancers. However, the causal links between obesity with the development of these serious health problems are not simple or straightforward; they are commonly resulted from a mix of factors including genetic background, diet or physical activity and environmental and socioeconomic determinants. The main objective of this project is to develop a smart healthcare technology that will shaping future precision medicine strategies in resolving obesity-related complications. To enable personalized disease prediction, diagnosis, prevention, and prognosis of obesity-related complications, We envision three specific aims for the project: (1) to provide evidence-based policy advice to government for obesity management; (2) to help development of precision medicine technology; (3) to establish a racial and ethnic group health big database for obesity in Taiwan.

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